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DoD’s Christopher Miller Appoints New Defense Business Board Members

Christopher Miller, acting secretary at the Department of Defense, has named 11 individuals to join the Defense Business Board and advise the DoD leadership on business management matters.

DBB members offer their private sector perspectives to department leaders based on industry best practices, the Pentagon said Friday.

The appointees are:

  • Alan Weh, CEO of air charter and leasing services company CSI Aviation and a retired U.S. Marine Corps reserve colonel
  • Bill Bruner, CEO of drone manufacturer New Frontier Aerospace
  • Christopher Shank, former director of the Strategic Capabilities Office at the Department of Defense
  • Corey Lewandowski, political commentator for One America News Network, Fox News and CNN
  • Cory Mills, co-founder and executive chairman of ALS Less-Lethal Systems and Pacem Defense
  • David Bossie, former president of advocacy group Citizens United
  • Earl Matthews, who has held senior positions within the White House, the DoD and the Intelligence Community, as well as acting general counsel of the U.S. Army
  • Henry Dreifus, co-founder and managing partner of investment company Preceptor Capital
  • Joseph Schmidt, communications specialist at the Army
  • Keary Miller, president of equipment manufacturer Innovative Tactical Training Solutions
  • Robert McMahon, former assistant secretary of defense for sustainment and a retired USAF major general

Miller also announced nine outgoing board members, including Michael Bayer, who was appointed as DBB chairman in April 2015.

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