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FAA Eyes Commercial Tech to Analyze, Share Aviation Safety Data

The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting market research into vendors' capabilities and experiences in developing an integrated analytics system to support a public-private initiative aimed at examining and sharing aviation safety data.

In a request for information notice posted Thursday, the agency is interested in the development of an architecture for Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing program as part of efforts to help government and commercial organizations uncover safety risks before an accident or an incident occurs.

FAA intends for the new ASIAS technology to integrate data from the FAA's Aviation Safety Action Program and the airline industry's flight operations quality assurance system with other information sources such as text-based reports and air traffic voice communications.

The agency wants the system to feature multiple tools designed for visualization, trend detection and statistical and inference modeling among other functions.

The platform must also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to support aviation safety-related predictive analytics, FAA added.

Interested vendors have until Dec. 7 to submit input.

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