Army Seeks Proposals for Marine Corps’ M72 LAW FFE Shoulder-Fired Rocket System

Army Seeks Proposals for Marine Corps’ M72 LAW FFE Shoulder-Fired Rocket System
M72 LAW FFE test fire

The U.S. Marine Corps is working with the U.S. Army to procure and deploy by fiscal year 2022 a lightweight rocket system that will increase the Marines’ lethality and allow them to fire shots from an enclosed position.

The Army issued a solicitation in July for the M72 Light Assault Weapon Fire from Enclosure munition program on behalf of Marine Corps Systems Command, USMC said Tuesday.

M72 LAW FFE is a compact, shoulder-fired weapon system with a new launcher that features an improved sling design and in-line trigger mechanism. Unlike the legacy system, FFE can allow the warfighter to fire shots from an enclosed space with reduced flash and noise, preventing them from being easily detected by adversaries.

“The M72A10 incorporates an advanced warhead design with a multipurpose explosive and a self-discriminating fuse that operates in either fast- or delay-mode based on target construction,” said Richard Dooley, a project officer for maneuver ammunition and missile programs with MCSC’s PM Ammo. “These advancements enable Marines to engage various targets, such as structures, bunkers and enemy personnel.”

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