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House Panel OKs Potential $740.5B Defense Spending Measure for FY 2021

The House Armed Services Committee unanimously passed on Wednesday a $740.5B defense policy bill for fiscal year 2021, The Hill reported Wednesday.

The proposed FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act would establish a $1B fund to support the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 pandemic preparedness efforts, create a $3.6B fund to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region and set up measures to prevent potential withdrawal of troops in South Korea and Africa.

The House panel approved several amendments to the NDAA, including restricting the Trump administration’s ability to withdraw U.S. warfighters from Germany and requiring DoD to rename military bases.

The measure would put a $100M cap on the emergency use of military construction funds for domestic projects and $500M for projects abroad.

The proposed NDAA was named after Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), a ranking member of the House committee who is set to retire by the end of his term.

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