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Monica McEwen Public Sector VP ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot’s Monica McEwen: Agency Nontechnical Staff Could Harness AI With Search-Driven Analytics

Monica McEwen, vice president of public sector at ThoughtSpot, said search-driven analytics could help government agencies enable nontechnical personnel to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in deriving insights from large data volumes.

“With search-driven analytics, logisticians could more rapidly prepare for military deployments or humanitarian relief efforts because they can quickly identify where the people with the right skill sets are located and where the equipment is,” McEwen wrote. “Combined with their own situational awareness, they can then determine the most efficient way to deploy those resources.”

McEwen discussed a scenario where AI could be applied to analyze data to help health care institutions and providers identify patients who might be at risk of opioid abuse and determine the best treatment plans.

“More broadly, AI applied to data, or augmented analytics, can also identify underlying trends in our current opioid crisis and allow officials to react before a community finds itself in crisis,” she added.

McEwen cited a ThoughtSpot platform and how it helped accelerate the analysis of billions of data and uncover outliers within seconds using a publicly available dataset from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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