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SDA Seeks Contractor Support for Satellite-Based Missile Tracking Experiment

The Space Development Agency (SDA) is looking for a potential contractor to integrate Overhead Persistent Infrared sensors into a satellite for an experiment focused on tracking hypersonic missiles in geosynchronous orbit.

SDA said in a notice posted Friday that the contractor will build the satellite bus, support launch site operations and provide program management services as part of the Tracking Phenomenology Experiment effort.

The contractor will also help the agency monitor and command the TPE satellite in addition to processing related telemetry data, according to the statement of work. SDA expects the vehicle to remain on-orbit within a period of at least six months, with an option to extend the TPE mission for a maximum of one year.

The agency plans to issue a separate contract for the OPIR payload ahead of its delivery in 2021 and the launch window starting March 31, 2022. Interested parties must submit responses to the solicitation by July 6.

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