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DoD Announces $187M in Agreements With Five Vendors to Sustain Domestic Industrial Base

The Department of Defense has signed agreements worth $187M combined with five companies under the Defense Production Act Title III to help sustain domestic production capabilities and critical workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DoD said Friday the contracts were awarded to Austal’s U.S. arm, General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) aviation business, W International, Weber Metals and American Woolen.

Austal USA will maintain and expand domestic shipbuilding and maintenance capacity under a $50M agreement with the Pentagon.

GE Aviation received a $55M investment from DoD to sustain the production of engine components used on F-16 and U-2 aircraft and retain more than 225 jobs.

W International will help strengthen the shipbuilding industrial base and protect jobs under a $55M contract with the department.

Weber Metals secured a $25M agreement from DoD to retain employees and sustain manufacturing capacity for die forging used in various weapon systems.

American Woolen will help the Pentagon sustain the production of poly/wool blend fabric used in Army uniforms under a $2M contract.

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