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Chad Cisco

DataRobot’s Chad Cisco: Automated Machine Learning Could Help Agency Employees Leverage AI

Chad Cisco, general manager of federal business at DataRobot, said artificial intelligence could help glean insights from massive amounts of data and agencies could allow their employees to take advantage of AI through the use of automated machine learning.

Cisco wrote how an automated machine learning platform could help agencies develop citizen data scientists who could automate the testing process for different algorithms and identify the best models for predicting the data without learning how to code or getting a Ph.D. in data science.

“Automated machine learning helps make data scientists more productive because repetitive steps in the model-building process are automated,” he wrote. “This frees them to use their unique expertise for selecting and fine-tuning models, helping them accelerate how they address potentially hundreds of problems a year.”

Cisco cited the potential applications of automated machine learning in fraud prevention, cybersecurity, logistics planning and predictive maintenance. He also called on agencies to educate their employees on how they can leverage AI to support government missions.

“The people who have the best knowledge of their data should have the opportunity to expand their capabilities and use AI to find answers to the questions they encounter in their daily work.”

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