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Abe Usher

Black Cape’s Abe Usher, Al Di Leonardo: AI, Machine Learning Could Help Agencies Speed Up Intelligence Analysis

Abe Usher
Abe Usher

Black Cape Co-CEOs Abe Usher and Al Di Leonardo said automation technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning could help government agencies accelerate analysis of large data volumes and glean insights from data.

They wrote about the three frameworks – TensorFlow, PyTorch and PyTorch scikit-learn – and how they help agencies and other organizations simplify AI adoption.

Al Di Leonardo

“TensorFlow, PyTorch and scikit-learn are all programmable with the popular Python language, have excellent online documentation and have seen massive adoption in the United States,” Usher and Di Leonardo wrote.

They said federal agencies seeking to modernize intelligence analysis and adopt AI to achieve missions should consider three factors: people, process and technology.

Agencies should designate individuals who will lead AI initiatives and provide them with authority and resources. “AI prototyping and deployment also require a multidisciplinary team of domain experts, computer scientists and AI specialists,” they added.

When it comes to process, agencies should identify a concrete challenge, leverage a specific dataset and determine a desired end state.

For the technology aspect, they called on agencies to begin with frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow and scikit-learn as well as focus on common use cases to manage risk and speed up AI deployment.

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