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Susie Adams

Microsoft’s Susie Adams: Cloud Offers Unlimited Computing Capacity to Advance AI Adoption

Susie Adams
Susie Adams

Susie Adams, chief technology officer at Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), said cloud helps advance artificial intelligence by enabling data analysis and sharing to improve mission outcomes.

“Cloud technology has given us vast capacity for data storage and nearly unlimited compute capacity to take advantage of AI, which is democratizing the ability for end users, not just data scientists, to build and run machine learning algorithms,” Adams wrote.

She discussed how new technologies allow organizations to process and upload edge data to the cloud and cited how the Tennessee Valley Authority leverages AI to facilitate its operations and predictive maintenance.

Adams noted that Microsoft helps the Department of Agriculture collects data and generate insights from data through an end-to-end platform called FarmBeats and tackled how digital agriculture supports farmers’ crop management efforts.

There are ethical challenges associated with AI adoption and Adams said the government and industry should come up with “guardrails to ensure that AI platforms are providing good outputs and being fully transparent.”

She also mentioned the need for bilateral agreements and a common data framework to enable data sharing to work under the Federal Data Strategy and discussed how the company’s Azure Data Share answers questions about data ownership and data access.

Adams also called on industry and the government to craft policies and agreements to ensure the quality and security of data in the cloud.

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