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PW Singer

How Service Branches Integrate AI in Recruitment; Potomac Officers Club to Host AI Just Beyond Tomorrow Virtual Event

PW Singer
PW Singer

Maj. Gen. Daniel Yoo, head of Marine Corps (USMC) Special Operations Command, and Lt. Gen. James Slife recently discussed the innovative ways each service branch will  experiment with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance warfare operations. 

“I think all the services in the environment we’re in are having challenges right now,” Maj. Gen. Yoo, (USMC) Special Operations Command, said in a virtual presentation Wednesday during the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.

Yoo noted that the USMC has prioritized technology experience for some services, when looking for talent and recruiting for the service branch. He also noted that the USMC will use data and artificial intelligence to pinpoint potential recruits.

“We’re moving ourselves increasingly away from an assessment and selection program that’s based on performance and more toward one based on attributes,” Lt. Gen. Slife said. Air Force Special Operations Command has integrated algorithms for its recruiting, analyzing 30 years’ worth of data collected from its force.

The algorithms and data mining will pinpoint the most successful special operators, not only in terms of mission effectiveness, but longevity and overall impact on the community. As attacks become more advanced and adapt to the evolving IT environment and new vulnerabilities, AI/ML and automation are rapidly becoming necessities.

To further discuss the initiatives within AI, Potomac Officers Club’s will host the AI Just Beyond Tomorrow Virtual Event on Thursday, May 28th. At the event, you will hear from  Peter Singer, author of Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution, along with a variety of notable leaders within the technology sector. 

Singer will discuss the challenges and priorities that revolve around AI integration.  Register for the event to learn about the impact that AI has on the private and public sectors, the steps that leaders in the field have taken to remain up to speed with the rapid advancement of technology, and the future programs, plans and priorities as the nation aligns with the rapid advancements.  

Register here for Potomac Officers Club’s AI Just Beyond Tomorrow on Thursday, May 28th.

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