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MAK Hosts Modelling, Simulation Meetings During COVID-19 to Stay Connected With Customers; Tom Vecchiolla Comments

Jeff Brody
Tom Vecchiolla

MAK, which operates under ST Engineering North America, has been conducting virtual lunch meetings three times a week in an effort to connect with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With the challenges of COVID-19 we are looking at ways for people to stay connected,” Tom Vecchiolla, president and CEO of ST Engineering North America, told GovCon Wire. “MAK introduced an innovative approach to connect with current and future customers and partners, this is an open forum with sharing and learning as the primary objective.”

MAK has developed software for live, virtual and constructive simulation. Built upon a strong foundation of COTS products, MAK has delivered simulation, gaming and networking technology in a flexible platform.

The platform will continue to meet the requirements of training system integrators, experimentation labs and end users. MAK simulation has targeted the aerospace and defense industries for its users.

In addition to the federal sector, the company’s products and services can help global and industry customers train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype and demonstrate modelling and simulation.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 12 p.m. eastern time (US), MAK conducts a zoom meeting covering a variety of topics related to modeling and simulation. The lunches will provide the modeling and simulation community the opportunity to have some interpersonal contact with other adults, talking about simulation techniques and technology, as well as learn about how MAKs technology can support the work they are all doing.

The company will cover a variety of topics, including domain focused simulation and interoperability to sensor simulation. In addition, MAK will accept topics from customer recommendations.

These lunches have enabled MAK to understand the company’s customers on a more personal level and build stronger relationships for the future.  Most lunches have been attended by approximately 100 people.

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