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Matt Harcourt, LexisNexis Strategic Alliances VP, Explains Securing Partnerships as a Smaller Business

Jeff Brody
Matt Harcourt

Matt Harcourt, vice president of strategic alliances at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, recently spoke with Executive Mosaic regarding the partnership process within the industry and federal sectors, as a smaller business.

He described how the company has delivered and enhanced new technologies based around the “hole that needs to be filled” or problem that needs to be solved, and how LexisNexis has developed specialized solutions to compete with larger industry members.

Harcourt stated: “A lot of times, we are small piece in a big contract, but fulfill a very important role.” He discussed how LexisNexis has divided its solutions into six offerings, stating that a company does not have to be a massive industry leader to secure work, if the company can perform a specific task efficiently and effectively.

“We divide our business up into six solution lines and many of them are our solution lines that are built off that data work. We’re the largest purveyor of United States person public records in the world. We use that data to solve a lot of problems both in the commercial space and in the government space,” Harcourt added.

LexisNexis’ fraud detection and prevention has focused its efforts on fraud analytics, payment integrity eligibility assessment. The company’s software has been integrated to determine of a person within the government of the industrial sector is trustworthy and verifiable.

“We have solutions that look at our data and those names that the government thinks they’re dealing with and can determine if that person’s incarcerated or that person’s deceased or that somebody may be anything else that we can use to detect fraud in those programs,” concluded Harcourt.

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