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DoD Releases Final Solicitation for 5G-Enabled Military Warehousing Platforms

Jeff Brody

The National Spectrum Consortium has posted a final request for prototype proposals to inform its members of the opportunity to develop and test 5G-enabled technology prototypes in U.S. Marine Corps warehouse operations.

The RPP released March 11 seeks industry participants to demonstrate the potential of 5G connectivity and augmented and virtual reality approaches to help the service branch manage assets and functions at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in Georgia.

In a prior solicitation, DoD unveiled plans to conduct 5G testbed experiments at the USMC installation that provides facilities, infrastructure and support services to military tenants. The department also identified Hill Air Force Base in Utah as the second location for full-scale 5G mobile spectrum sharing experiments.

Another RPP identified Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington as the location for 5G-based AR/VR training efforts, while the Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center in California will host asset management experiments based on a 5G network.

The Pentagon noted that NSC is the only consortium that “encompasses the expertise, knowledge, technologies, and innovation” for conducting R&D activities seeking to leverage the electromagnetic spectrum.

NSC said it expects three more RPPs soon.

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