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Catherine Kuenzel, Microsoft VP of Public Sector Services, Named to 2020 Wash100 for Securing Valuable Partnerships, Growing Company Influence

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Catherine Kuenzel

Executive Mosaic is honored to present Catherine Kuenzel, vice president of services at Microsoft’s public sector business, as an inductee into the 2020 Wash100 Award for her efforts to secure major contracts with top industry leaders, which grew the company’s revenue and influence in the sector.

This marks Kuenzel’s second consecutive Wash100 Award. Kuenzel secured her first Wash100 Award in 2018 for her leadership in managing enterprise services and personal mentoring style. With her two-decades of experience in the technology industry,  Kuenzel has gained deep knowledge on effective communication with customers about their technology needs. 

Kuenzel has used her knowledge of the public sector and emerging technologies to continue to drive and lead Microsoft’s expansion throughout 2020. Most notably, she has supervised the partnership between Accenture and Microsoft in March 2020.  

The partnership will support entrepreneurs and start-up businesses that focus on social responsibility to help support technologies for social enterprises and build scalable business models.

“It’s important that [an entrepreneur’s] passion for meaningful innovation and creating positive change is supported. Microsoft’s collaboration with Accenture offers us an opportunity to empower these startups so they can use technology to make an even greater impact in addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges,” said Microsoft. 

The companies’ collaboration will provide businesses hands-on support and technologies to enhance its solutions and business models that can lead to more tangible benefits for a greater number of customers.

Microsoft and Accenture’s partnership will amplify the societal impact of emerging technology with the long-term goal of reaching a million lives globally, to meet the respective companies’ program goals.

Through the program, Microsoft Research India and Accenture Labs will help social enterprise startups test and validate proof-of-concepts; conduct design thinking sessions to help them re-envision the impact of their solutions; and provide support in exploring and using Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft’s involvement in this initiative is part of Microsoft’s Global Social Entrepreneurship program designed to empower an ecosystem of tech-enabled startups globally, focused on addressing important social or environmental challenges. Accenture Labs’ Tech4Good program, centered around applying emerging technologies to help solve complex social challenges, will gain from the collaboration.

In addition to Kuenzel’s efforts to develop environmental initiatives, she has also supervised the integration of Microsoft’s leading software: Azure. In June 2019, Microsoft and Oracle teamed up to enable clients to migrate and operate enterprise workloads across their cloud platforms.

Organizations can link Microsoft Azure services such as artificial intelligence and analytics to Oracle Autonomous Database and other Oracle Cloud services through the cloud interoperability partnership, the companies said Wednesday.

“With Oracle’s enterprise expertise, this alliance is a natural choice for us as we help our joint customers accelerate the migration of enterprise applications and databases to the public cloud,” said Microsoft.

Under the partnership, the companies will help customers manage resources across Oracle Cloud and Azure through a unified identity and access management feature, extend on-premises data infrastructure to both cloud platforms and field packaged Oracle apps and custom apps such as E-Business Suite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Azure.

Not only has Oracle partnered with Microsoft to transform its emerging technologies, but in Feb. 2020 CenturyLink partnered with the company to develop Azure’s Networking Managed Service Provider program.

The program will assist customers in migrating, linking, managing and augmenting their cloud environments. The certification will allow CenturyLink to employ the Azure service in the delivery of network and consultation services to cloud computing customers. 

Executive Mosaic congratulates Microsoft and Catherine Kuenzel for her 2020 Wash100 Award. Kuenzel’s continued dedication to emerging technologies, like Microsoft’s Azure, and advancing partnerships in the industry proves that she is a notable figure in the GovCon sector.

About The Wash100

This year represents our sixth annual Wash100 Award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, achievement, and vision.

Visit the Wash100 site to learn about the other 99 winners of the 2020 Wash100 Award. On the site, you can submit your 10 votes for the GovCon executives of consequence that you believe will have the most significant impact in 2020.

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