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BGOV’s Dan Snyder Outlines Gov’t Contracting Trends to Watch in Fiscal 2020

Jeff Brody

Dan Snyder, director of government contracts analysis at Bloomberg Government, has said that governmentwide acquisition contracts and other transaction agreements are projected to drive federal spending in fiscal year 2020.

Snyder told Government Matters in an interview aired Tuesday that the federal government experienced a “sharp increase” in spending to $595B since 2015. The Department of Defense represented a large chunk of that amount, accounting for $400B during FY19.

He noted that the government also increased its spending for GWACs and OTAs, with GWAC spending doubling to $18B and OTAs reaching $7.5B last fiscal year. OTA spending is forecaset to reach $12B in FY20, according to Snyder.

Other spending trends Snyder mentioned during the interview include a possible increase in small-business awards and the use of consortia.

Speaking on policy trends for FY20, he predicted that initiatives like the General Services Administration’s consolidation of information technology schedules will largely impact industry.

He also cited the implementation of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and Small Business Runway Extension Act as among the forces that will drive acquisition trends.

According to Snyder, industry should prepare for large contracts from the Department of Health and Human Services, GSA and Defense Intelligence Agency.

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