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Mitre Promotes Kim Warren to Public Sector Programs VP

Jeff Brody

Kim Warren, a 17-year veteran at Mitre, has been appointed vice president of public sector programs for the nonprofit corporation’s Center for Programs and Technology.

She will oversee center operations related to the development of governmentwide approaches to aviation, healthcare, homeland securitty, judiciary, transportation and finance and treasury, Mitre said Monday.

The center supports the departments of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services.

Previously, Warren served as Mitre’s acting director at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Alliance to Modernize Healthcare, which conducts studies on biomedicine, health consumer affairs and  cybersecurity of health-related systems.

Rich Byrne, senior VP for programs and technology at Mitre, said Warren’s experience in the computer science and artificial intelligence technical areas will apply to projects with partner agencies.

Warren began her career at the nonprofit in 1989 as a section leader, then moved to Concept Five as VP and General Motors as global director of e-product development.

She returned to Mitre in 2002 as chief architect of the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development.

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