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Micro Focus’ Rob Roy: Machine Learning, Cloud Tech Could Aid in Gov’t Cybersecurity

Jeff Brody
Rob Roy

Rob Roy, public sector chief technology officer at Micro Focus Government Solutions, has said machine learning and cloud platforms could help government agencies protect their networks from cybersecurity breaches and achieve efficiency.

Roy wrote how unsupervised machine learning could assist agencies in detecting anomalous user behavior.

“Unlike the rules-based approach, unsupervised machine learning lets the technology develop an understanding of how the network’s users typically behave and alert administrators when something abnormal occurs, increasing the likelihood that a rogue event is detected and a response is orchestrated at machine speed,” he added.

He said data scientists could help agencies sort through raw data and determine relevant information to analyze in order to address a specific problem. He also mentioned the potential benefits of migrating common business-oriented language-based mainframe applications and other legacy systems running mission-critical functions to the cloud.

“Moving legacy systems to the cloud can reduce the annual maintenance cost of some systems by as much as 90 percent and can enable organizations to take advantage of innovative new technologies,” Roy noted.

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