AWS Seeks to Advance Quantum Computing With Three Initiatives; Charlie Bell Quoted

Jeff Brody
Charlie Bell

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new service, center and a program in an effort to further push the development of quantum computing technologies.

Amazon Bracket is a fully managed service that seeks to help developers, researchers and scientists build and test quantum algorithms in a single environment using quantum hardware from D-Wave, Rigetti and IonQ, AWS said Monday.

The AWS Center for Quantum Computing will gather experts from Amazon, California Institute of Technology and other academic institutions to research and develop new quantum computing platforms. The center will be based at Caltech and help identify new quantum applications to facilitate industry and scientific innovation.

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab will bring together customers, industry partners, academia and experts from AWS to conduct experiments and develop quantum applications. Rigetti, 1Qbit, Rahko, QSimulate, QCWare, Zapata and Xanadu are among Amazon Partner Network companies that are taking part in the lab.

“We believe that quantum computing will be a cloud-first technology and that the cloud will be the main way customers access the hardware,” said Charlie Bell, senior vice president of utility computing services at AWS.

Bell added the company seeks to make it easier for customers to work with AWS experts, academia and industry in exploring the potential of quantum computing through Amazon Bracket, Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab and AWS Center for Quantum Computing.

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