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Tammer Olibah, Michael Maples: Hexagon Acquisition Adds to Analytics, Geospatial Tech Offerings for Federal Sector

Tammer Olibah

Hexagon’s federal business executives said they expect the pending acquisition of Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, a geospatial software vendor based in Arlington, Va., to help drive the adoption of location intelligence and five-dimensional analytics platforms within the unit’s customer base.

Visualization products built by Thermopylae use the Google technology stack and help government clients address key problem sets in classified or protected environments, Hexagon said Thursday.

“The integration of Google technology along with our own software portfolios will support implementation of the 5D dynamic analytics experience in the federal market,” said Tammer Olibah, CEO of Hexagon US Federal.

Michael Maples

Michael Maples, chairman of Hexagon US Federal’s board of directors and a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general, added that integrating “Hexagon’s content, sensors and ability to create autonomous connected ecosystems with Thermopylae’s hardware, software and technical expertise” can provide location intelligence capabilities for customers.

Both companies intend to complete the transaction in the coming months.

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