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Akamai’s Patrick Sullivan: DevOps, Agile Methods Could Help Agencies Stay Ahead of Cyber Vulnerabilities

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan, senior director of global security strategy at Akamai Technologies (Nasdaq: AKAM), has said agencies that aim to eliminate cyber vulnerabilities should use DevOps and agile methods.

“Agencies need to be extremely agile to stay ahead of vulnerabilities, and as they move to models that are heavily based on automation and DevOps, their security tool updates also need to be automated,” Sullivan wrote.

He noted that agencies could leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance cybersecurity efforts.

Sullivan said such technologies could help agencies analyze “data that is often overlooked.”

A machine learning algorithm could allow security professionals to focus on higher-level tasks and generate insights by inspecting data that ends up in security information and event management platforms, he said.

Sullivan also discussed how a zero-trust model could help agencies break the cycle of cyber breaches.

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