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Insight Engines’ Grant Wernick: Agencies should facilitate employee access to cyber data via natural language queries

Grant Wernick

Grant Wernick, CEO of Insight Engines, has said agencies seeking to bolster their cybersecurity posture should empower employees by providing them faster access to cyber data.

Wernick wrote that the use of natural language queries works to help non-technical individuals immediately access information and collect insights from data.

Applying natural language to querying can help people “dig through the results to view the information from different angles and better understand what’s going on,” he noted.

The adoption of such an approach can help agency employees improve their data analysis and accelerate response to cyber threats as they produce real-time data visualizations.

Agency employees “can move beyond staring at a chart to truly interacting with data, generating actionable intelligence and staying one step ahead of the bad guys,” Wernick added.

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