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Proofpoint’s Tony D’Angelo: Agencies Need Security Tools for Email, Mobile Device Cyber Defense

Tony D’Angelo

Tony D’Angelo, vice president of federal business at Sunnyvale, California-based enterprise security company Proofpoint (Nasdaq: PFPT), has said government agencies should adopt platforms that work to defend against threat actors that target users’ emails and mobile devices.

D’Angelo wrote that email security gateway tools based on the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance system, or DMARC, can help agencies to detect malicious URLs and validate the legitimacy of email senders.

Applications make mobile devices vulnerable to hackers, he noted.

He said agencies should use “vendor tools” that work to screen mobile apps for threat vulnerabilities prior to installation as well as carry out keyword searches of end-user license agreements to protect data from potential threats.

D’Angelo also urged agencies to assess cybersecurity contractors and integrators as well as look for industry partners with deep cyber experience, advanced platforms and strong research teams.

“The best companies have teams that monitor cyber threats worldwide and incorporate that threat intelligence into their products,” he added.

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