VIDEO: Marines Mobile

Marines Mobile is an all-new phone application with news, updates, a PFT/CFT calculator and more.

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ICT supply chain

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Proposes Strategy to Create Trusted ICT Supply Chains

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission has released a white paper that presents a five-pillar strategy to establish trusted supply chains for critical information and communications technologies. The strategy calls for the U.S. to identify key technologies and equipment through public-private partnerships and government assessments; ensure minimum viable manufacturing capacity; protect supply chain from compromise through information sharing, product testing and better intelligence; stimulate a domestic market via targeted infrastructure investment; and ensure global competitiveness.


DIA Seeks White Papers for Measurement, Signature Intelligence R&D Initiative

The Defense Intelligence Agency has asked interested stakeholders to submit white papers on several research topic areas to help develop new measurement and signature intelligence capabilities.