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Report: DoD IG Lauds USAF Acquisition Strategy, Risk Mgmt for Bomber Program

The Defense Department’s inspector general has said the U.S. Air Force developed a “comprehensive” risk management process and procurement strategy to support its $80 billion B-21 bomber aircraft program, Bloomberg reported Monday.

DoD IG said in the redacted version of its audit report that the bomber program has “clearly defined” warfighter requirements and will be able to perform unmanned flight operations and carry a modified version of the B-61 nuclear bomb.

The audit said the bomber’s nuclear bomb delivery functionality is expected to be met two years after the B-21 program reaches the initial operating capability phase.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the bomber program will cost $97 billion.

The Pentagon’s IG also commended the service branch’s contracting strategy and processes used to develop funding and program requirements as well as cost positions and evaluation system established with DoD’s cost analysts.

The DoD IG’s assessment came a month before the Air Force awarded a contract Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) in October 2015 to build up to 100 B-21 units, the report added.

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