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Veritas’ Tom Kennedy: Agencies Should Adopt Cloud-Based Tools to Facilitate Data Mgmt

Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy, vice president and general manager of Veritas Technologies’ public sector business, has said federal agencies must create strategies for organizing unstructured data, leveraging cloud-based tools to manage the massive amounts of information.

Kennedy wrote that a cloud-based archiving platform, for instance, works to help agencies automate the process of classifying documents and other records in compliance with the organization’s retention policy.

“It adds a content-based classification process to the federal government’s role-based Capstone approach,” he added.

The use of cloud-based platforms that work to determine the location of data and offer classification-based statistics could help agencies decide when to discard unnecessary content as well as reduce costs and data footprint, Kennedy noted.

He cited the need for agencies to develop a records management strategy that allows them to deploy automation tools and streamline “cross-functional workflows.”

Kennedy also discussed the potential benefits of deploying automated redaction and editing platforms and data classification tools to agencies.

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