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HyTrust’s John De Santis: Agencies Should Adopt Platforms for Security Policy Enforcement

John De Santis

John De Santis, chairman and CEO of HyTrust, has said government agencies should adopt a strategic approach to security when moving to the cloud through the implementation of security platforms and controls that work to “enforce security policy” against cyber threats.

“By deploying software to continuously enforce policies in real time, agencies can truly automate good behavior on their networks,” De Santis wrote.

He said the use of such automated platforms designed to implement security policies hampers the ability of threat actors to breach sensitive databases by prompting red flags.

De Santis noted that the use of such tools can help facilitate the investigation and compliance auditing process by assisting agencies to produce reports that seek to show how security policies are enforced within their organizations.

“Automated security policy enforcement” works to facilitate cloud transition for agencies by ensuring data protection and addressing the red tape associated with the security auditing process, he added.


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