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PiXlogic’s Joseph Santucci: AI-Based Software Tools Could Help Agencies Analyze Visual Images in Support of Security Missions

Joseph Santucci

Joseph Santucci, president and CEO of California-based software technology firm piXlogic, has said an artificial intelligence-based software platform could help government agencies search and analyze videos and pictures for use in investigations and security missions.

Santucci wrote that such software tools work to “understand context in an image, distinguish faces and facial features, identify, recognize and automatically label objects, detect and recognize text in several languages, and create descriptions.”

An AI-based software platform has a facial recognition function designed to help law enforcement agencies perform surveillance operations by tracking items or people of interest on social media or street cameras, he said.

He also noted that such software tools work to help law enforcement and military personnel develop “redacted versions” of pictures or videos that can be blurred for sharing with the public and potential partners for specific operations.

The adoption of AI-based software tools could help defense and intelligence communities analyze videos and pictures to track and expose potential national security threats, Santucci added.

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