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SAP’s Laura Grant: In-Memory Computing, Analytics Could Help Agencies Derive Insights From Big Data

Laura Grant
Laura Grant

Laura Grant, head of digital innovation for public sector at SAP (NYSE: SAP), has said federal agencies should adopt in-memory computing platforms combined with data analytics tools in order to generate insights from large data sets and facilitate the decision-making process.

Grant wrote that agencies should implement agile platforms that leverage the use of in-memory computing tools and work to support sensor, geospatial, text and predictive data.

Data analytics and in-memory computing tools are designed to help agencies perform information modeling and analysis within the same domain as well as reduce batch jobs and data extractions, she noted.

“The impact of analyzing data at the lowest levels can be seen in a state organization struggling to find the root cause of their high infant mortality rates from data residing in more than 800 individual systems, ” Grant said.

“This type of granular analysis allows these agencies to tailor solutions to the people who need help most, ” she added.

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