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FireEye’s Tony Cole: Agencies Should Make IT Systems Resilient to Cyber Attacks Through ‘Intelligence-Driven Security’

Tony Cole
Tony Cole

Tony Cole, vice president and global government chief technology officer at FireEye (Nasdaq: FEYE), has said federal agencies should work to make their data infrastructures resilient to cyber attacks through the adoption of an “intelligence-driven security” strategy.

Cole wrote that implementing an intelligence-driven security approach calls for agencies to deploy tools and processes in order to derive “actionable intelligence” from data, detect and respond to network vulnerabilities, know their adversaries, as well as prepare and adapt to evolving threats.

He also advised agencies to understand the threat landscape in an effort to mitigate cyber threats.

“If somebody is trying to break in, they need to understand who it is, how they are doing it, and why, ” Cole noted.

“This is what military leaders call situational awareness.”

Government agencies should continuously re-evaluate and build up their cybersecurity practices and policies amid evolving cyber vulnerabilities and threat actors, he added.

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