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Doug Davis: Intel to Buy Computer Vision Algorithms Provider Itseez

acquisitionIntel (Nasdaq: INTC) has agreed to purchase Itseez, a developer of computer vision, machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms.

Doug Davis, senior vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things group at Intel, wrote in a blog post published Thursday that Itseez will join Intel’s IoT group to develop deep-learning-based CV applications for customers.

“Computer vision includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding images from the real world in order to make informed decisions and automate actions, ” Davis said.

He added that Intel aims for the acquisition to drive expansion into IoT market segments such as automotive and video.

Itseez, a contributor to the OpenCV and OpenVX standards initiatives, works to integrate and tune software for various products such as automobiles and security systems.

Davis said the acquisition is also intended to ramp up the team’s contribution to those standards and help industry transition to OpenVX-based products.

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