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Lockheed to Help Navy Build Trident II Missile Navigation Subsystems

lockheed martinLockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded a potential $93.4 million contract to design and produce eight inertial navigation subsystems for the U.S. Navy’s Trident II D5 missiles.

The sole-source contract also covers continued technology refresh development support for Shipboard Systems Integration increment 8 and SSI increment 13, the Defense Department said Friday.

The Trident II D5 fleet ballistic missile is designed to be launched from nuclear-powered submarines such as Ohio- and Vanguard-class submarines, and has logged over 150 test flights since the completion of its design in 1989.

The contract also includes the development of test plans and reports related to gyroscope, INS, simulation and modeling efforts, software and hardware design, tasks related to Multi-Star Enhanced Prelaunch, production activities necessary to achieve initial operational capability for SSS increment 8 and incorporation of the Electrostatically Supported Gyro Navigator-Replacement system with INS.

Lockheed will perform contract work in New York, California, Florida and Massachusetts through Nov. 30, 2017.

The service branch’s Strategic Systems Programs will obligate $42.3 million from the Navy’s fiscal 2016 procurement funds and $2.6 million from U.K. funds at the time of award, according to DoD.

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