CDW-G, Pentagon Ink 3-Year Adobe License Pact; Dave Bennett, Michael Basla, Michael Krieger Comment

Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett

CDW-G and the Defense Department have signed a three-year, $40.5 million agreement for the company to offer Adobe products to 2.6 million personnel at the Army,  Air Force and Defense Information Systems Agency.

The joint enterprise license agreement covers subscriptions to products such as Acrobat Pro, Experience Manager Document Services and Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, DISA said Friday.

“DISA is in discussions with other vendors to pursue additional JELAs in partnership with the military services, ” said Dave Bennett, DISA chief information officer.

Michael Basla
Michael Basla

“The JELA is a best practice approach to answering enterprise software requirements for the DoD and joint operations, ” said Lt. Gen. Michael Basla, the Air Force’s CIO and information dominance chief.

Michael Krieger
Michael Krieger

Basla added the branch aims to save $16.6 million over the next three years and use online forms for databases.

“The Army will begin converting all its forms to the Portable Document Format, ” said Michael Krieger, the Army’s deputy CIO.

DISA sought to acquire a cloud platform that could be installed and operated as desktop software with file storage on the local device, the agency said.


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