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Google Buys Robotics Tech Maker Boston Dynamics

boston dynamicsGoogle (NASDAQ: GOOG) has acquired engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics for an undisclosed amount, the New York Times reported Saturday.

John Markoff writes that Waltham, Mass.-based Boston Dynamics will be integrated into Google’s robotics initiatives led by Andy Rubin, Google’s development lead for the Android operating system.

The transaction represents Google’s eighth acquisition of a robotics company within the last six months, according to the report.

Google’s other robotics subsidiaries in the U.S. and Japan have developed technologies for robot arms, grasping technology and computer vision, the Times reports.

Marc Raibert, a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, founded Boston Dynamics in 1992.

The company is building humanoid robots for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under a $10.8 million contract, according to the report.

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