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Army Research Lab Approves Alcoa Vehicle Armor; Mark Vrablec Comments

ArmyGroundVehicleThe U.S. Army Research Laboratory has approved an Alcoa (NYSE: AA) armor plate for use in U.S. military vehicles after being tested on a prototype ground vehicle demonstrator intended to be fuel efficient.

ArmX® 5456-H151 armor plates are designed to absorb blasts and resist ballistic weapons,  Alcoa said Thursday.

“Alcoa’s military-grade aluminum alloys and products have helped the U.S. military protect troops for generations, ” said Mark Vrablec, Alcoa president of global aerospace, transportation and industrial rolled products.

The military has used Alcoa’s aluminum and armor in vehicles such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Humvee.

Scientists at Alcoa’s light metals innovation and research-and-development center near Pittsburgh worked with metallurgists and production engineers at the company’s rolling mill to develop the plate.

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