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Accenture To Update USDA Food Safety Data System; Ed Meehan Comments

Ed Meehan - Accenture,  ExecutiveMosaic

FSIS is responsible for overseeing labeling and packaging of meat, poultry and egg products in the U.S.

Ed Meehan, head of Accenture’s federal civilian agency portfolio, said the company will help FSIS protect the country’s food supply infrastructure.

“Federal agencies are faced with the challenge of transforming and improving how they work in today’s challenging financial environment, ” he said.

AssuranceNet is intended to facilitate data recording and sharing as well as standardizing controls across the agency.

Initially, the company focused on integrating laws and regulations across district offices into the system.

Future integrations focused on offices that evaluate programs, manage cases, develop domestic food policy and look into potential violations of inspection laws.

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