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PAE’s Tina Dolph Discusses Lockheed Executive Development Program, Finance Background and More

Tina Dolph

Tina Dolph is the president of PAE‘s global security & development business unit where she is responsible for 3, 000 employees, currently conducting a litany of development projects throughout the world.

In her Q&A with ExecutiveBiz, Dolph covers an array of topics concerning her leadership role at the company.

The executive delves into her hands-on leadership style despite the physical distance from her employees, the importance of subject matter experts and PAE’s rapid growth, in the interview.

The 20-year industry-vet has a background in finance and along with many other PAE executives, is a former Lockheed Martin executive where she attended the Executive Assessment and Development Program in 2010.

Click here to read Tina Dolph’s extensive interview, which every GovCon executive will be able to learn something from.

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