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GovCon Exclusive: Deloitte Federal Govt Services CEO Robin Lineberger

Robin Lineberger

Executive Mosaic, publisher of an umbrella of media properties focused exclusively on the GovCon market, has released its breakout Spring 2012 issue of GovConExec magazine, with a feature focus on how GovCon executives are preparing their firms to lead the big data revolution.

This issue’s “CEO Profile” features Robin Lineberger, who leads Deloitte Federal Government Services’ 6, 600 employees and $1.7 billion annual revenue stream.

For the full exclusive, click over to GovConExec, where you’ll also find Executive Mosaic’s leading M&A market report, inside executive looks at FedRAMP and mobility and a thorough examination of burgeoning transaction communications.

Robin Lineberger joined Deloitte in 2009 after it acquired information technology consultant BearingPoint, where he was responsible for global public service as an executive vice president and had worked for 24 years.

The move put the livelihoods of 3, 500 public sector division employees in the crosshairs of corporate restructuring. “People could have been put out on the market in one of the worst economic times, ” Lineberger told GovConExec magazine.

“You shoulder that responsibility as a leader. They’re the family I worked with. They had worked hard for us – and with us.”

Lineberger told the magazine that providing each one of those employees with an opportunity to work at Deloitte has been his biggest professional satisfaction “bar none.” And since the deal finalized, Deloitte Federal Government Services has added around 2, 000 additional employees.

Lineberger emphasizes the power of the individual in his approach to leadership and management, which is mirrored by Deloitte’s owner-operated and partnership models.

“I don’t tell people what to do prescriptively, ” Lineberger told GovConExec. “It’s more objective-oriented. I rely on people to take the initiative. I tend to think of management as a strong leadership role than an administrative role because of how I grew up.

Lineberger is a third-generation veteran and the former Air Force officer’s roots are characterized by “strong personal leadership, respect for authority, individual responsibility and accountability.”

At Deloitte’s Centers for Federal Innovation and Cyber Innovation, he is quite high on the power of amassing individuals from different backgrounds on the same team.

This is the most direct route to developing a “trust cloud” between government officials with knowledge of market needs and commercial executives with knowledge of the technology.

To facilitate this productive cohesion and provide value to the taxpayers, cooperation from all angles is key.

“It’s what I call extreme diversity. You need a diverse set of people in the room if you’re going to innovate.”

For more information on Lineberger’s work helping veterans find gainful employment, professional history with NASA’s Johnson Space Center and other federal stops, personal role models, and much more, check out GovConExec’s exclusive with one of GovCon’s finest leaders.

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