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Harris, AT&T Forming Public Safety Alliance

Harris Corp. (NYSE: HRS) and AT&T (NYSE: ATT) are forming an alliance to develop LTE wireless solutions for agencies and first responders who require timely access to emergency information.

The companies will combine efforts to produce broadband and mission-critical communications systems that can deliver high-speed video and data.

Harris said customers will benefit from network agility that delivers “highly-secure, highly-reliable connectivity where and when they need it.”

The companies intend to provide interoperable 4G offerings ranging from complete end-to-end network solutions to subscriber-based models.

“This alliance is a first step toward making next-generation technology and services available to agencies who seek competitive options, ” said Chris Hill, AT&T’s vice president of advanced business solutions. “It’s the beginning of a public safety ecosystem of open devices and applications interoperable with private broadband networks, as they become available.”

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