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Noblis to Establish Va. Supercomputing Center to Create Sustainable Jobs, Increase US Competitiveness

Noblis will collaborate with supercomputing firm Cray to establish the Center for Applied High Performance Computing in Danville, Va., near the North Carolina border.

The center will host the first next-generation Cray XMT supercomputer in the U.S. outside of a federal laboratory or academic facility. Staff will train developers to innovate using high-performance computing to increase U.S. competitiveness and create sustainable high-tech jobs.

The center will also accelerate the development and commercialization of applications requiring graph analytics.

“Building this center supports Noblis’ mission, ” said H. Gilbert Miller, Noblis corporate vice president and chief technology officer. “By making this technology accessible to researchers and small businesses, we hope to accelerate the development of high-performance applications and push the boundaries of supercomputing in ways that will help solve problems of national importance.”

“The center will provide unprecedented access to supercomputing in the private sector, ” he added.  “We believe that this amazing cross section of innovation and technology will help achieve breakthroughs in high-performance computing and drive future progress.”

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