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Intelligent Decisions to Provide Virtual Simulation Training for US Army; Harry Martin Comments

Harry Martin, Intelligent Decisions

Intelligent Decisions announced the U.S. Army will be using the firm’s virtual simulation training program for soldiers. The Dismounted Soldier Training Program will enable U.S. soldiers, leaders and units to train in a virtual environment in an effort to increase the quality of instruction and combat preparedness, while reducing traditional training expenses associated with large-scale instruction facilities.

“The goal of Dismounted Soldier is to provide our  deploying soldiers with the best available training to ensure that they maintain the military advantage, ” said Harry Martin, president and chief executive officer of Intelligent Decisions. “Without question, the Army will be the ultimate influencer and decision maker for the system so that we realize their long-term goals.”

Intelligent Decisions is teaming up with Advanced Simulation Research, AVT Simulation, L-3 Link and RealTime Immersive to help in the development of the program, which will cost about $57 million. The training system will allow leaders to plan and execute tasks in an challenging environment with squads or teams conducting multiple sessions to achieve training objectives and maximizing training time.

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