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Cloud Computing Focal Point of GovConExec Magazine’s Spring Issue

GovConWire’s publisher Executive Mosaic is this week releasing its spring edition of GovConExec magazine, which takes a deep dive into cloud computing and includes highlight input from top executives for the region’s government contracting sector who are leading the migration and leveraging the power of the cloud.

Although not a new phenomenon, there is no denying cloud computing has experienced a growth spurt in the last year. While the commercial sector has spearheaded the developing solutions, the government has also had a vital role in its cloud initiatives, “cloud first.” And, the best forecast for the cloud is one that continues to leverage the partnership between government and industry.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon and many other companies now in the cloud game have made it clear: Step into the cloud, or risk being rained on.

In addition, Google Internet evangelist Vint Cerf contributes an article in which he spotlights cloud computing, IPv6 and a “pivotal” 2011.

Noticed the increase in M&A activity in government contracting in the past year? After speaking with power players from the many angles of transactions, GovConExec assembled sharp insights and analysis to give an insider’s viewpoint of the many dimensions of M&A transactions.

The Pentagon’s top procurement chief Ash Carter has spoken of reforming DoD’s buying power by better balancing the risk between government and contractors. But do the recent proposals to come from the department add up to GovCon firms bearing too much of the risk?

The magazine also explore the fascinating science behind biometric technologies, which are becoming not only more multimodal — fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition — but also increasingly used across the federal sector. GovConExec talked to the government-contracting firms who are providing solutions to the government about today’s market and the future horizon of biometrics and identity management.

From human identity to brand identity: GovConExec spoke to some of the area’s communications professionals, who shared how to leverage the power of a strong message and crystallized identity to manage public perception.

Over the course of 2011, despite budget cuts and slightly tighter bottom lines, companies are still making news and, with a perspective that extends beyond the Beltway and the Northern Virginia tech corridor, GovConExec will continue to cover this unique news market. Stay tuned.

To get your copy of the magazine, go to GovConExec.com.

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