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Harris Radios Honored for Helping Troops Fight Terror

Harris’ (NYSE: HRS) Falcon multiband software-defined tactical radio was a named a “2010 Big 25 award” winner by C4ISR Journal in the category of network systems.

The honor was handed down based on the radio’s “significant impact in defeating terrorists, preventing attacks, and enabling troops to make the right decisions on the battlefield.”

C4ISR’s award cites both the Harris AN/PRC-117F and its wideband successor, the AN/PRC-117G.

The Falcon II AN/PRC-117F multiband manpack radio made it possible for troops to use one radio instead of many to communicate across the military.

“C4ISR Journal’s recognition mirrors the feedback we receive constantly from users in the field, ” said retired Maj. Gen. Dennis Moran, vice president of government business development, Harris RF Communications. “The Harris AN/PRC-117G is enhancing mission success and situational awareness by bringing broadband to the battlefield. This dramatically expands the amount of information that can flow to or from the battlefield through real-time networking and enables bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, imagery, and combat chat, as well as ISR capabilities such as biometrics and position location information.”

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