GTEC Agrees to Buy Cybersecurity Firm Zytel; John Hillen Remarks

GTEC's John Hillen

Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTEC) has a deal in place to purchase Zytel Corporation (Zytel) for $26.8 million.

Zytel focuses on “cybersecurity, mission systems in support of the critical intelligence, counterterrorism, and cyber warfare missions of its national security clients.”

GTEC anticipates the transaction will be in the fourth quarter of 2010.

According to GTEC, “Zytel’s work is all classified and all of its employees are cleared at the top secret/sensitive compartmented information level. The company has strong operating margins and expects to generate approximately $20 million in revenue in 2010 with continued rapid growth in 2011. The company’s operations are based in the Ft. Meade, Md., area.”

GTEC leadership anticipates the acquisition will open doors for the firm.

“Zytel has an exceptional track record in delivering mission-focused cyber solutions to its Intelligence Community clients, ” John Hillen, GTEC CEO, said. “By combining our core and complementary capabilities, both GTEC and Zytel can bolster the range of systems, solutions, and differentiated technologies we can provide to national security customers in support of their critical front line missions. Zytel’s core capabilities in cybersecurity, mission systems architecture, high-performance computing and intelligence analysis are critical tools in support of our nation’s defense and add a further edge to GTEC’s portfolio of services. We look forward to expanding our offerings as a combined enterprise.”

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