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SRA’s Mary Good on the Shifting HR Landscape

Mary Good, who heads SRA’s HR department, spoke with ExecutiveBiz about the quickly shifting landscape in the human capital realm:

“The biggest challenge facing most organizations right now is the ripple effect of economic uncertainty. Many companies have had to contend with budget freezes and layoffs. Those actions can have a real and lasting impact on employee loyalty. There is significant pent up demand to move roles and companies. I think we will start to see more job movement in the next few years as the economy (hopefully) improves. Additionally, shrinking pensions and 401k’s have led to people at the later stages in their careers postponing retirement. This has resulted in the next generation of leaders looking at opportunities and seeing their upward mobility stalled. Companies will have to figure out how to create opportunities for these leaders in order to not lose the most talented ones. A second change in the landscape is the increasingly regulated environment in which we operate both in terms of adapting to new legislation such as healthcare reform as well as dealing with increasing government oversight.”

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