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Lockheed Scores DHS Deal for Work on CEMSA Project

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) Space Systems Company’s (LMSSC) Advanced Technology Center (ATC) claimed a 5-year $7 million contract with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate for the Complex Event Modeling Simulation and Analysis (CEMSA) project.

According to the firm, “under the CEMSA contract, SSC will develop a new modeling, simulation and analysis infrastructure that can be integrated with existing DHS systems to provide advanced capabilities to assess, within a short decision window, the interdependencies and cascading effects on Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources (CIKR) when dealing with multiple, concurrent disruptions.”

“The strength of our RAID tool is the scientific qualifications of the team we have assembled and the specialized modeling and simulation techniques we employ to develop the environment, ” said Dr. Steve Hall, principal software engineer at LMSSC, and RAID capture manager. “In addition, we have extensive experience with key technologies including: system of systems engineering, complexity theory, modeling abstraction and adaptive planning; and specific experience in the national infrastructure disturbance impact modeling domain.”

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