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Thursday’s Featured Job: Director of Business Development, Intelligence and Space Sector at SRA

Job Description

SRA’s newly created Intelligence and Space Sector (ISS) is focused on ensuring customer mission success with an emphasis on Honesty and Service. ISS will be a preferred provider of mission critical solutions at mission speed, enabling the delivery of timely, predictive intelligence by the national and defense intelligence communities and decisive space system solutions that meet the critical needs of the national, defense and civil space enterprise. The synergies realized by combining SRA elements into a dedicated Sector will be significant and as the Vice President for Strategic Business Development and Capture you will have the rare opportunity to shape the market penetration and strategic direction of a new Sector while leveraging your established capture track record and reputation for excellence.

The core tenets of SRA International, Inc. are Honesty and Service. These principals drive how we deal with our clients and each other. As the Vice President and Director for Strategic Business Development and Capture in the new Intelligence and Space Sector you will embrace these core principals in all aspects of your work. SRA International, Inc. has operated to this model for 30 years and has 7, 000 employees 100% committed to living these values in all they do. Your passion about the mission of your clients and the success of your company and those people you manage are the key ingredients required for this position.

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