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MITRE CTO Dr. Stephen Huffman on the Future of Cyber Security

MITRE CTO Dr. Stephen Huffman spoke with ExecutiveBiz about hindering cyber villains: “All information systems are built from components which are inherently untrustworthy-they are very complex systems that provide great capabilities but like all very complex systems they have flaws in their creation that cyber attackers can exploit.”

He notes that while the industry works to eliminate vulnerabilities, attackers have the advantage.

“The advantage is to the attackers because they only have to find a single vulnerability that they can exploit and the defenders have to try to eliminate all of them, ‘ said Huffman. “Right now the cost to defend is very high and the cost to attack is very small.  We would like to change that equation with technologies and operational approaches that level the playing field and require attackers to expend a lot of resources and have more expertise so that the cost of attacking outweighs the benefits.”

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