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Northrop Grumman Moving Forward with Deal from FAA

Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) has won a deal from the FAA to provide national maintenance services and logistic support of several critical FAA communications products and systems, including the Integrated Communications Switching System (ICSS), Rapid Deployment Voice Switching System (RDVS), Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS), and Small Tower Voice Switch (STVS).

According to NGC, the firm “will ensure the existing communications systems, hardware, firmware, and documentation are supported into the year 2015.  The company will supply round-the-clock technical assistance support, including next day delivery of critical repairs. The-five year contract encompasses one base year and four additional one-year options with a not-to-exceed value of $32 million.”

“We have been providing air traffic control services to the FAA and Department of Defense for over 40 years, ” said John Jadik, vice president of Communications, Intelligence and Networking Solutions for Northrop Grumman’s Land and Self Protection Systems Division. “With this latest contract award, pilot and air traffic control specialist communications will be enhanced, thanks to Northrop Grumman’s Commercial Repair Center, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing accelerated service and support turnaround time. In addition, the FAA will gain access to expertise in net-centric hardware, information technology, security and other air traffic control mission critical services, all focused on increasing the safety of the flying public.”

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