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Cyveillance to Offer IP Block List to Curb Network Exposure

Cyveillance will offer its Cyveillance IP Block List, in an effort to reduce network and user exposure to live threats through real-time data feeds. As online malicious activity continues to grow in volume and complexity, this service allows enterprises to adopt a more proactive, outward-looking security posture.

“Mass infection of both servers and desktop PCs by malware and ‘bot’ software has given online criminals access to an endless, cost-free infrastructure on which to run, control and host their illegal activities, ” said Panos Anastassiadis, COO of Cyveillance. “We want to decrease the likelihood of successful online crime by making our customers aware of online threats before they become a problem for individual users and networks. This reduces the possibility of compromised IT infrastructure, and helps them survive even under attack.”

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